October 24: Friday Clicks

pumpkinsWe carved our pumpkins a bit too early this year. After our monsoon rains earlier this week, I have a couple of furry, squishy pumpkins. I’m going to try these no-carve bloody mini pumpkins.

My husband claims that he’s interested in coding because early computers were marketed to boys, not girls. True I say that depending where you work, the tech world is still a boy’s club.

Meditation and mindfulness are not just for yogis: everyone benefits from taking a deep breath and paying attention, but who has the time? Here are ways to work mindfulness and meditation into your day.

What does your Starbucks drink say about you? According this post, I’m classic, but I like to have fun.

I really need to take advantage of my crockpot, and I’m gonna start with this slow cooker chicken tikka masala recipe.