Happy Weekend: Friday Clicks

Ever get sick of being called “nice”? I do, Here are 6 anti-nice girl resolutions for the new year.

Let’s call 2015 the Year of “I Am Enough.” This writer agrees with me.

I purposefully didn’t add the Facebook app on my new mobile phone, and I feel more focused. Digital sabbaticals and digital detoxes are having a moment, though I’m not sure I’d pay to have someone take away my WiFi — Comcast is already pretty good at that!

My husband and I decided to turn one of our closets into a mini-home office. Shared closet = clothing purge. I’m coming around to the idea of a style uniform. If like President Obama, I don’t have to think about what to wear I can  focus on other more meaningful pursuits.

One Comment

  1. Good plan. I basically have two winter uniforms: Jeans, hoodie, and athletic shoes, or skinny jeans, cardigan, and long boots. It does make mornings easier!


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