Weekend Reads and Whatnots

Call it a mid-life crisis or obsessive rumination because I’ve forgotten to take my antidepressants, but I’ve spent a lot of time this week reassessing what makes my life meaningful and purposeful.

(Jeeze, why does thinking about that have to be crisis or mental illness? Why can’t I just see myself as thoughtful and introspective?)

In the last few months, I’ve turned 42, been offered a new job after being at the same company for 15 years, learned I needed a biopsy for suspicious microcalcifications seen on my mammogram (turns out I’m okay; more on this later), and questioned whether I can really be and do all the things I want to be and do. Thanks, Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter.

So  Maria Popova’s Brain Picking’s post 20-Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Surprisingly Sage Advice on How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life provided me some much needed perspective at the right moment.

Zora felt nervous this morning about her very first outdoor rock climbing expedition to Great Falls, so I told her to strike a power pose. It worked for the Rwandan debate team, whose story I heard on an excellent Invisibilia episode exploring the question, is change is possible from the outside in?

Exhausted new parents are told to sleep when their newborn sleeps, but this mom thought it’d be a lot more fun to dress her baby up as pop culture icons like Beyonce, Pikachu, and Han Solo.

This Edit Your Life podcast episode on handling the transition back to school offered some good tips on getting ready. (Though I still think I’ll be shrieking like a banshee at the kids to get out the door and to school on time September 6.)

And finally, How To Be Mediocre and Be Happy with Yourself.



Happy Weekend: Friday Clicks

Ever get sick of being called “nice”? I do, Here are 6 anti-nice girl resolutions for the new year.

Let’s call 2015 the Year of “I Am Enough.” This writer agrees with me.

I purposefully didn’t add the Facebook app on my new mobile phone, and I feel more focused. Digital sabbaticals and digital detoxes are having a moment, though I’m not sure I’d pay to have someone take away my WiFi — Comcast is already pretty good at that!

My husband and I decided to turn one of our closets into a mini-home office. Shared closet = clothing purge. I’m coming around to the idea of a style uniform. If like President Obama, I don’t have to think about what to wear I can  focus on other more meaningful pursuits.